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M.INK Video Services

  • PR & Marketing 
  • Original Web Content
  • Commercials/PSA's
  • Webmercials
  • Events
  • Book Video Trailers
  • Employee Orientation & Training
  • B-roll

Moving Your Co. Forward

  • Social Media
  • Brand Awareness
  • Testimonials
  • Media Training/Coaching
  • Employee Communication
  • Benefit Programs

M.INK Pre & Post Production

  • Concept Development
  • Scripting
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting
  • Story Boarding
  • Sound Design
  • Voice-Over
  • Editing Services
  • Each month, more than 180-million US Internet users watch about 43-billion videos. Do you want your content to be a part of that force?
  • Many of your potential clients and customers hang out in the digital space, watching video content on their mobile and tablet devices. Do you want to reach these people with your branding and marketing message?
  • Do you want a quality video presence that truly communicates your quality products and/or services?

                                            Yes = Call M.INK Productions®


"Content is King, Video is Queen!" -- M.INK Productions® LLC is an award winning content creation organization for the digital age.

Delivering superior digital content consultation, creation and award winning services in a high tech world

  • We specialize in digital branding, web and social media marketing, PR and more…
  • Web and mobile video is now a must-have for businesses and organizations of all sizes. M.INK Productions helps its clients create and integrate video into their strategic plans.
  • In everything we do here at M.INK we take pride in offering our clients the highest quality service, whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

With creativity and innovation, M.INK Productions helps companies (small, mid-size or large) take a quantum leap forward, or simply keep competitive. We create web original series and stand alone video content that supports their brand, educates and engages current customers, attracts new ones, and/or increases revenue. In addition, we help companies present and communicate their message to sponsors, investors and employees through the use of video.

Video is one of the most powerful branding tools, best ways to reach customers and strengthen social media presence. Our consultation and production services provide customers with quality video and voiceovers for in-house purposes (such as training, orientation, etc.), webmercials, social media, websites, e-letters, commercials, PSAs, b-roll, events and more.

We help you stay competitive - integrating cutting edge techniques with your tried and true methods - all geared toward increasing your bottom line. We show you a fresh and imaginative approach to public relations, marketing, advertising and entertainment, as well as adding dimension to your social media -- using original web content that will excite your clients and customers. 

Let our hardworking team of professionals help you attract and retain this generation of digital media-focused customers.